Administrative Division

The Administrative Division of the Flemington Police Department assists in the direction of long term activities for the police department to accomplish its mission and goals. This helps to ensure that department resources are used in the most efficient and effective manner. To do this, The Administrative Division has several functions. 

Responsible for co-ordinating police department efforts with other departments, with other criminal justice agencies, and with the community.  

Works with regional, state and national organizations to enhance the ability of the police department to ensure the safety of all persons in the community.  

Responsible for the logistics of the police department. This means that personnel assigned to the division prepare and administer the police budget and coordinate the computer resources with those of Federal, State, and County Governments.

Oversees all information and communications systems that are required to keep the police department operating effectively.

Primarily responsible for providing support and coordination for the department. This includes development, implementation, and management of the department's rules, regulations, and policies, as well as maintaining all department records and documents and managing all department training. This is all done while managing department goals and objectives to provide the most cost effective delivery of police service.


Chief of Police - Jerry Rotella     

(908) 782-3434 ext. 236 or jrotella AT flemingtonpd DOT org

Lieutenant William Soriano

(908) 782-3434 ext. 237 or wsoriano AT flemingtonpd DOT org

Lieutenant Michael Mariaschin

(908) 782-3434 ext. 253 or mmariaschin AT flemingtonpd DOT org


Police Secretary - Kennedy Strohm 

(908) 782-3434 ext. 252 or secretary AT flemingtonpd DOT org




Emails are not to be used to report crimes.

For records requests, forms to drop off or to speak with the police secretary regarding discovery or basic information her office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.


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