Criminal Investigative Division

The Criminal Investigative Division is responsible for conducting in-depth follow-up investigations of crimes and incidents initially investigated by the Patrol Division. One of the Detectives is always on call to investigate a serious crime.

In addition to the criminal investigations, the Detectives are also responsible for the gathering and safekeeping of evidence, photography and documentation of a crime scene, conducting interviews and statements with victims, witnesses and suspects.

The Detectives also conduct Firearm Investigations, Megan's law registrations and background checks.

When called upon the Criminal Investigative Division also operates surveillance operations, narcotic enforcement, and general support with local, county, state and federal agencies.


Detective Corey Garrabrant

(908) 782-3434 ext. 245 or cgarrabrant AT flemingtonpd DOT org

Emails are not to be used to report crimes.

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