Patrol Division

The primary goal of the Flemington Police Department Patrol Division is to protect the community through proactive policing strategies and to promote public safety through the suppression of crime. The patrol division has four squads that work twelve-hour shifts providing continuous coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This work schedule is designed for the purpose of implementing efficient and effective manpower allocations.

The Flemington Police Department has mobile data computer systems in each police vehicle to enhance officer safety. These systems provide officers with the ability to perform driver license and registration inquiries and are linked to state and national databases to alert officers to persons who are wanted, missing and endangered.

Patrol is responsible for the enforcement of the Criminal Code and Motor Vehicle Laws of The State of New Jersey, along with borough ordinances designed to protect life and property.  They preserve the peace, maintain order, and prevent crime. They are responsible for the initial investigation of all crimes that occur within the Borough.  Investigations that are too intensive or complex are then turned over to the Detective Bureau.

The Patrol Division responds to all 9-1-1 calls, citizen complaints, medical and fire calls. They apprehend fugitives and criminals, interview witnesses and suspects, collect evidence, direct traffic, issue traffic tickets, investigate motor vehicle crashes and give testimony in court.

The patrol officer is generally the first contact citizens have with the police department. Patrol officers are highly trained, receiving in-service instruction on a continuous basis, which develops skills needed to provide the best service possible to our community.



Sergeant Louis Hribik

Patrolman Frank Emanuele

Patrolman Michael Cristadoro



Sergeant Bradley Bullman

Patrolman Greg Zytko 

Patrolman Gissel Aquino  


Sergeant Brian McNally

Patrolman Donald Ala

Patrolman Nick Saleeba


Corporal Dustin Kydd

Patrolman Robert Godown

Patrolman Christian Mata


SPO III Craig Santoro


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