Public Notice on Body Worn Cameras

In accordance with Attorney General Law Enforcement Directive No. 2015-1

Officers of the Flemington Borough Police Department utilize the Digital Ally FirstVu HD body worn camera. Manufacturer details about the camera are listed below. Flemington Borough Police Officers are to wear the digital camera on their uniform shirt. The camera lens will be located on the center of the chest. See photo for proper placement.

Digital Ally FirstVu HD

Video Resolution                             HD

Automatic Recording                      Integrated with VuLink

Pre-Event Recording                      Up to 60 Seconds

Field of View                                   130 degrees

Internal Storage                              32Gb approx. 8 hours of HD Video

Battery Life                                      Up to 4.5 hours

Video Playback                                Available in VuVaultGO Mobile App

Camera Still Photos                         Can be created in VuVault

Mounts                                             Chest mounted

GPS                                                 Available in VuVaultGO Mobile App

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